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Having a unique, custom-made piece of jewelry specially made for you is exhilarating.
It reflects your personality. It is different.
It's breathtaking, it will tell your unique story.

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Maria Pitcairn

"I have been collecting jewelry for fifty years. I have often refigured rings, bracelets, earrings, adding elements or having whole new designs made using stones or parts of existing pieces. There is one jeweler whose craftsmanship and artistic eye exceeds anyone I have ever worked with, and that is Robin Woolard. When you bring a piece to Robin, you have confidence in someone you can explicitly trust to safeguard, evaluate, and enhance your personal treasures. His designs are gorgeous. Friends in the business have looked at his pieces with awe, envying his remarkable executions of gold and platinum. I would never take my jewelry to anyone but Robin Woolard."