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Collection: A True Marriage™ Band

The wedding band is handcrafted using a rare and highly symbolic technique that we named “a true marriage”. It unites two precious metals in an eternal bond.

The wedding band is handcrafted using a rare and deeply symbolic technique we have tenderly named “a true marriage”. It unites two precious metals in an eternal bond through a labor intensive process. The inherent challenge lies in the different properties of these metals; platinum - in the fusing process – cools and contracts faster then gold, making their fusion almostas complex as the human relationship they symbolize. Therefore, it is very rare to see them mated together as a single form.

Often, these metals live separately in jewelry, a crown mounted on a band, but this union requires a unique and laborious hand-forging process. First the gold and platinum elements are precisely fit to each other, then carefully anchored with small platinum pins, much like the way two people fit. Under the watchful eye, both metals are fused together under the torch at scorching temperature exceeding 1850°F. Just like a devoted marriage, this bond endures forever, resulting in a band that radiates both the robust shine of platinum and the gentle, brushed warmth of 18karat gold, a tangible testament to thebeauty and strength of true commitment. Like a true marriage,the resulting bond lasts for eternity!

The universal language of love 
Utilizing the "true marriage" technique, we fuse platinum and gold, symbolizing an everlasting bond
Eternal bond of two metals as a single form 
The unity of two hearts in an eternal embrace
A journey of love as timeless as the metals themselves
Emerging from the flames, the band dazzles, with platinum enhancing gold's warmth, creating a timeless emblem of commitment and unity
More than just jewelry. A true love story

A True Marriage Bands Collection 

The True Marriage Collection is a masterpiece of our exclusive “A True Marriage" technique, beautifully uniting two precious metals as a symbol of everlasting union. 

The crafting process is an art form, harmonizing the distinct characteristics of platinum and gold, making an eternal bond of two metals as a single form. 

Discover Our Marriage Bands Collection 

Unveil exquisite designs crafted to embody your unique love story. Our set offers a stunning array of choices ranging from classic elegance to modern marvels.

Every piece is meticulously crafted with the finest materials and exceptional quality to symbolize the strength and commitment of your bond. We also ensure a perfect fit and everlasting comfort.

Create Your Perfect Wedding Band for Him and Her

We believe that every love story deserves a unique reflection. That's why our extensive set offers a diverse selection of styles to cater to the individuality of your perfect union:

  • Embrace the Timeless. For couples seeking everlasting elegance, our platinum and gold options radiate sophistication. Choose from a polished, high-shine finish or a brushed matte texture.
  • Dazzle with Brilliance. Let your romance sparkle with our exquisite selection of diamonds. From delicate single stones to cascading pave settings, our diamonds boast exceptional clarity and brilliance and are ethically sourced to reflect your values.
  • Unleash the Vibrancy. Incorporate a pop of color with vibrant gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. These precious wedding bands not only add a touch of personality. They also hold symbolic meanings, allowing you to weave a deeper narrative into your rings.

What Types of Wedding Rings for Couples Do We Offer 

Our diverse set caters to all preferences. It allows you to celebrate your love story in a way that reflects your unique bond:

  • The Perfect Harmony. Our matching sets offer bands crafted in the same precious metal and style for couples seeking a symbol of unity. These seamless companions exude a sense of shared commitment and intertwined destinies.
  • Complementary Elegance. Discover the beauty of complementary designs. These accessories share similar design elements while retaining unique characteristics. This approach reflects the essence of two souls coming together. Meanwhile, it preserves each partner's individuality.
  • A Touch of Individuality. Unleash your creativity with our mix-and-match options. Choose entirely different styles that resonate with each of you. It allows you to express your personality and preferences. Meanwhile, you will still signify the special bond you share.

Why Choose Robin Woolard Couple Wedding Bands? 

When selecting your one-of-a-kind band, you deserve the utmost confidence and trust. We offer the perfect blend of expertise, craftsmanship, and personalized service:

  • A Legacy of Quality. We've been committed to using only the finest ethically sourced materials for years. It ensures exceptional durability and enduring brilliance.
  • Expert Guidance. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing exceptional service throughout your journey. From assisting you in selecting the perfect ring style to answering any questions you may have, we are here to ensure a smooth and memorable experience.
  • A Touch of Forever. Commemorate your special day with personalized engravings. Add your name, wedding date, and a special message. Or even incorporate your birthstones to create a unique token of your romance.

Robin Woolard  wedding ring band set transcends the ordinary. It represents the extraordinary journey of romance and promises a lifetime of commitment and shared happiness. Explore our set and discover the perfect accessories to embark on this remarkable chapter together.