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5 Different Types of Necklace Chains Explained

5 Different Types of Necklace Chains Explained

Every piece of jewelry is unique and beautiful in its own way. All jewelry has its value and flawlessness. Jewelry can add endless sophistication and beauty to a person's appearance. Their brilliance, visual appearance, and quality of materials are stunning. You can either buy a piece of jewelry or receive it as a gift. In the first case, you will get great pleasure from such beauty. In the other case, you will realize how important you are to the person who made such a gift. The endless sea of emotions from the jewelry will put you in a good mood and even give you more confidence.

Today, a variety of chains are becoming a good choice among jewelry. A stunning combination of materials and weaving techniques will captivate everyone. A chain around your neck will visually decorate it and make you look sophisticated. Many different chain styles will help you plunge into the world of jewelry. Pairing the right chain with your outfit can create a stunning and cohesive look. You should understand that there are many types of jewelry chains, and the most important thing is to find your own jewelry. This way, you will be irresistible, and no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

Introduction to Necklace Chains

The world of jewelry Robin Woolard fascinates many people with its aesthetics. A diverse selection of different types of chains makes it possible to choose the best one for yourself. Chains have always played an important role in complete jewelry. Creating necklaces and beads using chains is the basis of the perfection of jewelry.

The variety of chain styles makes it possible to realize the most desirable and best image. Depending on the choice of chain, you can combine it correctly and stylishly. Here are some examples of how to choose a harmonious jewelry:

  • A thin chain will go well for a minimalist and sophisticated outfit. It will make you look more restrained and businesslike and charm everyone around you. 
  • For a playful mood, you can choose a chain of several colors. The combination of gold and silver will definitely not leave anyone indifferent to your neck. Different weaves in the chains will allow you to combine luxury and restraint at the same time.
  • If you love attention, you should choose a massive chain. A large volume, different weaves and play of colors will make your look seductive and interesting.

Realizing that there are different types of chains, you can choose the best one for yourself. It is important to understand what event you want to buy the jewelry for. For everyday use, an elegant and minimalistic chain is perfect. For an interesting event or occasion, you should choose a more massive chain. The most important thing is to choose with your heart because it will tell you what kind of jewelry should be yours.

Cable Chains – Classic and Versatile

Chains have always been a true work of art for jewelers. The perfect shape, decoration, and methods of weaving have always fascinated me. There are many chain-type names, and each is special in its own way. Jewelry enthusiasts are particularly fond of the cable chain. This is an amazing work of art that captures all attention with its simplicity. This particular jewelry chain type can be used for all looks. 

  • Appearance. The cable chain has a simple yet stunning design. The intertwining of the links into a single piece of jewelry is the basis of the cable chain.
  • Material. Cable chains are typically made from silver, gold, or stainless steel. This makes it possible to enjoy the simplicity of the product.
  • Convenience. The design of the cable chain makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The look and combination of chain links allow you to wear this product on a regular basis.
  • Durability. The cable chain has a good structure due to its strong weave. This allows you not to worry about the chain because it is extremely durable.
  • Varieties. The jewelry world of chains surprises with its diversity. It is among cable chains that you will find a piece of jewelry to your taste. From thin and simple to massive chains with decorations and stones. You will have the opportunity to combine any look with such a chain and look irresistible.

Figaro Chains – A Touch of Elegance

There are many chain link names, and each one is unique. One of the most popular types of chain necklaces is Figaro. This is a chain of extraordinary beauty, which is characterized by elegance and beauty at the same time. With its design, this chain has gained great popularity among jewelry. It is distinguished by its shape and weaving. A Figaro chain paired with an elegant dress will give you a timeless, sophisticated look.

  • This style of necklace chain has been known for centuries. Its history is impressive and fascinating because the name of the chain comes from a famous and respected person. No wonder why most people associate the chain with something exquisite. It was the opera hero Figaro who embodied such a wonderful name for the chain. 
  • This chain is very popular among jewelers. Its layering from a short chain to a longer one is very practical. Such chain necklace designs have an undisputed leadership among jewelry. This type of chain is quite easy to work with. You can combine it with any look, wear it alone or with other jewelry. The Figaro chain is popular among both women and men.

Rope Chains – Durable and Decorative

One of the most popular types of chain necklaces is a rope chain. It has a beautiful and interesting look that does not leave anyone unnoticed. Graceful facets of the weave create the appearance of a rope. By choosing this jewelry, you will receive many compliments and fascinating looks. The shine of the rope chain will shimmer in the sun with extraordinary beauty. By selecting this jewelry, you will always be on top of your game.

  • This rope style of necklace chains surprises not only with its beauty. Behind the interesting design of the product is the extraordinary strength of the jewelry. The product is made in such a way that you do not have to worry about the strength of the chain. This makes it possible to enjoy using it for a long time.
  • The harmonious look of the jewelry makes it possible to combine it with any outfit. From the brightest and most provocative to the restrained and elegant. Due to its interweaving and shape, this jewelry will be appropriate for any look.
  • The popularity of the rope chain is overwhelming. The perfect shape of the jewelry is ideal for combining with other products. You can use the chain with earrings and a bracelet. The combination of the chain with different pendants and stones will also make it look beautiful.

Box Chains – Sleek and Modern

There are different types of gold chains, and their beauty is crazy. The most popular types are cable, rope, Figaro chains, and box chains. The box chain has an impressive and elegant appearance that showcases its beauty. They have an impeccable square shape, which is famous for its simplicity and perfection at the same time. Their use is very convenient and comfortable for everyone, without exception. 

Due to their shape, they are highly durable and pleasing to use. Proper care of the jewelry will make the box chain durable. Men, women, and children will be well suited to this particular chain link name. This chain will perfectly match any look and give you confidence. The perfect structure of the chain will look harmonious with a restrained look. The neck jewelry will emphasize your best features and attract attention.

Herringbone Chains – Fluid and Reflective

To answer the question, "What are the different types of necklace chains?" it's essential to familiarize yourself with various chain styles. This information will help you make the right choice and buy a good piece of jewelry. A herringbone chain will be a good option for creating the perfect look.

This unique work of art is inherent in jewelers. By creating the herringbone chain, jewelers have given people the opportunity to experience unparalleled beauty. Here are the main factors about this jewelry:

  • Design. The chain is made in an interesting shape that fascinates with its originality. Small, flat triangles connected to each other are fascinating. Due to its material and shape, the chain reflects well in the light. This is what will make you stand out from the crowd and receive many compliments.
  • Convenience and safety. While the herringbone chain is undeniably beautiful, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because of its shape, this chain can quickly lose its appearance. You have to wear it very carefully to avoid hurting yourself and bending the chain.
  • Storage. After purchasing a herringbone chain, you should think carefully about its storage. You should find a place or bag where the jewelry will not get damaged.

Many people are also interested in “How to measure necklace length?”. You should understand that if you do it correctly, you will find the perfect piece of jewelry. To determine the correct length, use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your neck.


Jewelry is created for the pleasure of using it. The best product that will perfectly emphasize your neck is chains. Their variety and beauty amaze everyone. It's important to note that chains come in various shapes, colors, and styles. You should know all the jewelry chain types to choose a good piece of jewelry for you.

When you like a low-key style, a delicate chain is a good choice. When you like to stand out with your style, choose a massive and bright chain. If you make the right choice, you will always be able to wear your chain and have a lot of fun.

The jewelry will become your talisman forever and give you a pleasant experience. Regardless of gender, chains are suitable for everyone. Their use will emphasize all your advantages.

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